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Players: 2
Age: 14+
Duration: 3 hour

In the spring of 1812 Emperor Napoleon of France gathered the regiments of 20 nations together into the largest military force yet raised in Europe. That June he led this Grand Army of over 600,000 men across the Nieman River to begin what he believed would be his greatest and perhaps final triumph: the invasion and subjugation of Russia. As the defending armies fell back before this prodigious onslaught, Tsar Alexander turned to a pugnacious and crafty old warrior to help save his country, his people and his Romanov Dynasty: Marshal Mikhail KUTUZO.

Kutuzov is an interactive, play it complete in one-sitting card-driven game of sweeping manoeuvres, epic battles, storied sieges, lethal attrition and crucial-to-win troop morale for one to four players from the designer of The Napoleonic Wars and Wellington.

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