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Bunny Hop - Konijnenrace Pocket

Bunny Hop - Konijnenrace Pocket
Bunny Hop - Konijnenrace Pocket
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  • Language: NL
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Players: 2-4
Age: 4-8
Duration: 10 min

The wheel of fortune determines where you hares may hop to in this exciting race! You'll have to watch out for holes and the pushing mole. With a bit of luck, your hare will be the first to reach the carrot.

Lotti Karotti: Das Hasenrennen is a racing game. Each player is a hare, racing towards the carrot. Each turn, a player spins the spinner, which determines how far ahead he must move. If his move ends in a hole, he is returned to the starting field. When a player reaches the carrot, he wins the game.

The spinner has some other outcomes as well, allowing the player to cover a hole (uncovering another one), moving a bridge (which allows for shortcuts) or pushing another player backwards using the mole.

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