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Bonje in de Stal

Bonje in de Stal
Bonje in de Stal
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Players: 2 to 4
Age: 6+
Duration: 20 min

Chaotic reaction game for the whole family.

You have to fill your stables with 1 male animal and at least 1 female animal of the same kind. If you have 2 male animals in 1 stable, than you have "trouble in the stable" or in Dutch "Bonje in de stal".

All players flip a card at the same time, grab and play as fast as possible a card of your choice.Animals you win have to put in your own stable. You can block or empty other stables with elephants, mad cows and crazy horses. If you have a truck, you can put the animals in other stables.

Can you be the first player who fills 5 stables?

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