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Dungeon Run

Dungeon Run
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Dungeon Run
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Players: 1 to 6
Age: 9+
Duration: 60 to 90 min

Dungeon Run is an exciting dash through a dungeon packed with monsters and traps. Each player controls a unique hero capable of great feats, and whose powers and abilities are upgradable and customizable throughout the game. Players can work together to overcome the perils of the dungeon, or they can betray and sabotage each other as they see fit.

Because in the final room of the dungeon lurks a powerful boss with the ultimate treasure - a treasure that turns its owner into the most powerful warrior they can become! Slay the boss, steal the treasure, and then run for your life as your friends try to cut you down.

In Dungeon Run only one hero can escape with the fabled Summoning Stone. Don't crawl - run!

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