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Eila and Something Shiny

Eila and Something Shiny
Eila and Something Shiny
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Somewhere far away, a mystery awaits... Deep in the forest, an innocent rabbit - Eila, leaves their home to embark on a life-changing adventure.

Eila and Something Shiny is a 1+ player story-rich board game set in a mystical world. Take on the role of Eila, as you solve puzzles, manage resources, and overcome challenges through underground perilous mazes, harsh snowy highlands, and more.

Experience an exciting and emotional story told across 5 chapters featuring stunning art and illustrated comics. With branching story paths, your choices matter, affecting each chapter and deciding how the game ends.

Good luck; Eila’s fate is in your hands!

Product Specifications
Players 1
Age 8+
Time 30-45 min
Language EN

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