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Klassiek Houten Spel: Ludo

Klassiek Houten Spel: Ludo
Klassiek Houten Spel: Ludo
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Tags: Classic , Wood

The game is abstract, each player has set of pawns of his color. Each turn player rolls a die. Pawns can enter the track from Home base only on a roll of six. Each pawn needs to travel around the board and finish on the Finish lane. If pawn of another player is bumped, the bumped pawn is returned to home. The goal is to be the first one to get all the pawns to the Finish lane.

For advanced players, we suggest that when a piece gets bumped, it should only be bumped back to its START space, rather than to its HOME. Only when bumped from their START space are pieces sent HOME.

Product Specifications
Players 2-4
Age 4+
Time 45 min
Language NL - EN - FR - DE

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