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Trekking Through History

Trekking Through History
Trekking Through History
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Tags: Adventure

We designed Trekking through History for gamers and non-gamers to play together. The goal was to make a game inviting for non-gamers, but with a little subtlety under the hood for gamers.

In the game, you go on a three-day tour of human history, traveling thousands of years in a time machine to experience great moments from our past.

The game takes place over three rounds, each representing one day of your trip. Each day, you visit a series of historical events, spending a different number of hours at each.

On each turn, you choose to visit one historical event, and spend a certain number of hours doing it. Doing so will yield benefits, like checking off items on your itinerary for points, and earning Time Crystals so you can bend the space-time continuum on future turns.

Along the way, you’ll also score points for visiting historical events in chronological order.

The player with the most points after three rounds wins.

Product Specifications
Players 2-4
Age 10+
Time 30-60 min
Language NL

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