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Reef - Kings of the Coral Reef

Reef - Kings of the Coral Reef
Reef - Kings of the Coral Reef
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The mesmerizing beauty of the reef has attracted some royal visitors – the kings of coral!

The Reef: Kings of the Coral mini-expansion provides each player two fish that start on the side of their game board. After taking either action on a turn — whether drawing a card or playing a card — the player can move one of the fish to an orthogonally adjacent space on their game board. (If the fish isn't on the board yet, it enters a space on the outside rings of the player's board.) The two fish cannot be on top of one another.

When a player places coral pieces on their board, they can't cover a fish with coral. When scoring for a formation, they score 1 additional point for each fish on a formation, which means a player can score at most 2 extra points since each formation can be scored only once.

Product Specifications
Players 2-4
Time 8+
Language EN

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