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Don Juan

Don Juan
Don Juan
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Collect love letters written by none other than Don Juan! Getting hold of the wrong letters leads to a broken heart. Getting the right letters ends the heartache and leads to victory. Who ends up winning the heart of Don Juan?

Don Juan is based on the principle of “I split, you choose”. Per turn, the active player divides letters in different piles. Afterwards, each other player chooses a pile, with the remaining pile left over for the active player. The piles consist of love letters in the colors of the players, but also of special letters such as the coveted gold letter or the dreaded bad letters. During the course of the game, getting hold of three love letters in your own color earns you a heart point. Whoever is first in collecting three heart points wins the game. However, bad letters penalize the players with broken heart tokens. By strategically mixing good and bad letters in piles, players are forced to deal with a dilemma every time they need to pick their pile. Which are the least worst piles of love letters and which piles let you win the game?

Product Specifications
Players 2-5
Age 10+
Time 10-20 min
Language NL - EN - FR - DE - ES

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