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Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea

Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea
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Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea
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Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea allows you to create or conquer the great civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean in a single night, alone or with up to five other players - and without having to roll a single die! Build great Wonders to glorify a peaceful, thriving, commercial empire - or sack cities and conquer new lands as you spread your domain across the waters and around the shores of the Inner Sea. Start from humble beginnings in isolated settlements at the dawn of the Bronze Age or leap ahead to scenarios that put you in charge of the mighty civilizations of Troy, Egypt, Carthage, Mycenae, Minos, Phoenicia, Rome, Mauretania, Celt-Iberia and the Gauls as they contend for supremacy and survival in numerous historical environments.

Product Specifications
Players 1-4
Age 14+
Time 120-300 min
Language EN

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