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Stuffed Fables - Oh, Brother!

Stuffed Fables - Oh, Brother!
Stuffed Fables - Oh, Brother!
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Tags: Avontuur , Dieren

The Stuffed Fables: Oh, Brother! expansion includes a new storybook, with new challenges, enemies, and fables, along with new tokens, sleep cards, and its own discovery deck to lead you through each unique adventure, but you will need components from the Stuffed Fables base game in order to play.

In addition to everything else, Pokey the Unicorn and Manny the Action Figure join the cast, adding their unique abilities to the team. Pokey doesn't equip any weapon items, but instead uses her Puffy Horn to fend off enemies. Manny, as a macho action figure, is made of strong plastic instead of the usual stuffing of other characters, so certain status conditions don't affect him as they would a typical stuffy.

Can you protect your little boy from the dangers of the supernatural fall?

Product Specifications
Players 2-4
Age 7+
Time 60-90 min
Language EN

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