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Major Vonreg's Tie

Major Vonreg's Tie
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Major Vonreg's Tie
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Players: 2
Age: 14+
Duration: 30-45 min

As the personal ship of the First Order elite ace Major Baron Elrik Vonreg, the Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems TIE/ba Baron Space Superiority Interceptor strikes fear in the hearts of even the most grizzled Resistance pilots. Major Vonreg personally guided the enhancement of proven designs to create this precise and lethal craft.

Within Star Wars: X-Wing (Second Edition) – Major Vonreg's TIE Expansion Pack, you’ll find six pilots ready to fight for the First Order, as well as six upgrade cards to fine-tune your TIE/ba interceptor’s capabilities. Accompanying these are two Quick Build cards with pre-built combinations of pilots and upgrades to help you get flying right away.

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