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Bridge Troll

Bridge Troll
Bridge Troll
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Players: 3 to 6
Age: 10+
Duration: 45 to 60 min

In Bridge Troll, you and your friends are hideous trolls who each guard a troll bridge. Each turn, you throw boulders to bid for travellers, who vary in number depending on the weather for that day. Travellers include fat merchants, pilgrims, poor monks (who make good eating), and if you are lucky, royal personages.

As travellers come to your bridge, you use them to collect tolls. But watch out! Knights, bandits, dragons, and vicious Billy Goats Gruff prowl the countryside. You'll have to use some of your boulders to chase them away (which means you’ll have fewer left to use on your bridge!).

Although you need to collect tolls from travellers so you can buy building supplies, working on your bridge makes you hungry, so you will have to eat some of your travellers instead. It is important to balance tolls with food in order to make your bridge very appealing to travellers.

If you eat too many travellers or just collect money, you won't be able to fix up your bridge. The player who uses toll-money, food, and boulders to build the most impressive troll bridge operation wins the game.

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