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Tour Operator

Tour Operator
Tour Operator
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Players: 2-4
Age: 8+
Duration: 45-75 min

You manage a well-known travel agency, and it's full with tourists that each have different wishes and demands. Some tourists like culture or nature, while others are looking for a place to party or do some shopping. Some are patient, others impatient. Some demand to travel business class, while others want to sleep in a VIP room and still others are fine sleeping in a dorm. To make it even more complicated, they all want to stay a different number of weeks — and I shouldn't need to say this, but they want to sleep in clean beds and travel in clean planes that have enough fuel. Every city on the board can be scored only once, so always keep an eye on your rivals to ensure they don't score a city you were about to profit from!

Thankfully, you can hire employees to calm down impatient guests and help your company out. Whoever manages to make their clients the happiest travelers wins Tour Operator!

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