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Time's Up - Hollandse Editie

Time's Up - Hollandse Editie
Time's Up - Hollandse Editie
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  • Language: NL
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Players: 4 to 12
Age: 12+
Duration: 45 min

Time's Up! Oranje Editie (Orange edition) is a new edition of popular Time's Up! game especially suited for the Dutch market.

In this party game two teams of two or more players compete to guess as many famous persons or personalities as possible.

In each of the three rounds, the members of a team try to let their teammates guess as many names as possible in 30 seconds. In round 1, almost any kind of clue is allowed to describe the person or personality. In round 2 and 3 the same set of personalities is used again, but in round 2 only one word can be used and in round 3 only sounds and gestures are allowed.

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