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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 12+Duration: 8 hour Napoleon’s Grande Armee’ is encamped along the shores of the English Channel. Following the teachings of Alexander, the French Emperor seeks to defeat a naval power from the land. He has but to place his 200,000 troops on British soil and France’s hereditary enemy..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 1-4Age: 14+Duration: 360 min Colombia in the 1990s hosted one of the world’s last Marxist guerrilla armies, brutal drug lords, and right-wing death squads and appeared close to failing as a state. A decade later, its Marxists had lost their top leaders and rural sanctuary, its big drug bos..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 13+Duration: 90 min The Eagle of Lille expansion to Bloody April (Air War over Arras France 1917) expands the air war to follow the career of Immelmann and some of the other early aces such as Oswald Boelcke and Lanoe Hawker. Seven new scenarios cover the period from August 1915 to e..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 120-180 min Combat Commander:Pacific is a card-driven board game covering tactical infantry combat in the Pacific Theater of World War II...
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Commands & Colors - Spartan Army
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2-8Age: 13+Duration: 90 min The Spartan Army expansion features over 20 scenarios, which focus on a period of time from 669 BC to 338 BC. In the early battles of Sparta against Argive, we see the development of Hoplite armies. We then move onto the war with the Persian Empire and take a cl..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 1-4Age: 14+Duration: 3 hour Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, 1917–1947 is Volume IX in GMT’s acclaimed COIN Series. Exploring one of the world’s most prominent experiments with nonviolent resistance, Gandhi takes us to the subcontinent of India, the jewel in the crown of the Br..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2-11Age: 14+Duration: 60-90 min Grand Prix is the newest auto racing game from Jeff & Carla Horger and GMT Games. From 2-11 players can compete in the game controlling either one team of two cars or multiple teams. Players will score in two different ways; individual car scoring where firs..
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Here I Stand - 500th Anniversary Edition
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 3-6Age: 14+Duration: 180-360 min Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555 is the first game in over 25 years to cover the political and religious conflicts of early 16th Century Europe. Few realize that the greatest feats of Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, Ignatius Loyola, Henry VIII, C..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 120 min No stacks of armies, no hexes, no overly-lengthy rules to learn - Hitler’s Reich takes five minutes to set up and two hours (or less!) to play. Players fight over Europe, across the North Atlantic and Mediterranean and into Russia using a combat mechanism similar..
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Holland '44
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2-4Age: 12+Duration: 240-900 min Holland '44, Operation Market-Garden, September 1944 is a two-player game depicting the Allies’ combined ground and airborne attack in the Netherlands during WWII, which was code named Operation Market-Garden. The game starts with the airborne landings o..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 12+Duration: 90 min Iron and Oak is game of ship-to-ship combat set during the American Civil War. As a tactical representation of naval warfare, each of the ships is accurately modeled for offensive capability including gunnery, ramming and spar torpedoes; for defensive capability i..
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Brand: GMT Games
Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 3 hour In the spring of 1812 Emperor Napoleon of France gathered the regiments of 20 nations together into the largest military force yet raised in Europe. That June he led this Grand Army of over 600,000 men across the Nieman River to begin what he believed would be his..
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