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Your favorite food-based dodgeball card games now have an expansion pack! Take your battle to the next level with all new battle cards and inflatable tortilla shields. Block and load! This is a shield expansion for Throw Throw Burrito and Throw Throw Avocado. You must own either game to play. You ..
Ex Tax:19.42€
Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge is a cooperative adventure board game. You and up to five friends must explore a tile-based volcano temple to steal a legendary artifact. To get it, you must find the path to the inner sanctum, unlock the secrets within, then escape the way you came. This is a dangerous..
Ex Tax:42.98€
The Arima's Light expansion for Sub Terra II introduces 5 new characters for explorers to play as, the Magician, the Escape Artist, the Fortune Teller, the Strongman, and the Beastmaster (who also comes with a hound!). Along with these new unusual and intriguing characters Arima's light introduces a..
Ex Tax:33.47€
In the Typhaon Wakes expansion for Sub Terra II, players are introduced to three new types of guardian to contend with in their quest to extract the mysterious artifact. Volatile guardians that can explode and cause massive damage, ranged guardians that can attack from afar, and the eternal guardia..
Ex Tax:33.47€
Upgrade pack for the game Sub Terra II. Contains 17 high quality detailed miniatures and a metal artifact...
Ex Tax:33.47€
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