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Aporta Games

Brand: Aporta Games
Fill your house with cats, mice and dice! Form rooms using numbers. Then use the rooms' special abilities to score the most points. There are 4 unique levels (each with their own rules), and every time you play you use a random set of 4 out of 12 possible abilities. This ensures new challenges eve..
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Revive: Call of the Abyss
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Brand: Aporta Games
The Revive: Call of the Abyss expansion introduces the mysterious life form Scyphoz, which lives in the giant lakes that are formed by meltwater from the glaciers. By building near lakes, you gain devotion points, which let you access the new and powerful Scyphoz cards. You can also use the switch a..
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Trails of Tucana: Ferry
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Brand: Aporta Games
Supplies for all Trails of Tucana fans! With the Trails of Tucana: Ferry expansion, two new game pads come into play: one with the island maps from the basic game, and one with two new islands. With the new map, players have two new island maps for Isla Bahía and Isla Habita. On both maps, the ferr..
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Brand: Aporta Games
Tucana Builders is a sequel to the award winning Trails of Tucana. Place tiles on spaces that match the revealed terrain card to connect animals to corresponding huts. All connections that score in round 1 will score again in round 2. So, do you go for high scores in round 1, or will you try to cr..
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