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Brand: Gam'inBiz
Each type of dinosaurs you draft has its own scoring rules, earning or costing points depending on the number of these specific cards you gathered at the end of the round. To score higher than your opponents, you must decide each turn whether you want to play the hand of cards you were offered, or t..
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Brand: Gam'inBiz
Whether at work, in the evenings or over the weekend, “fika” is an integral part of Swedish life and is much more than just a coffee break. It’s about making space in your daily life to chat over a hot drink, as you nibble delicious pastries. In Fika, you are a street café owner trying to outearn y..
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Brand: Gam'inBiz
The island of Oshra is in turmoil. Following the death of the Emperor, the conflict between the Hill Tribes and the Imperial Army escalated. While the Water People try to maintain balance between the old rivals, the Undead aim to escalate the war. All hope rests on the six children of the Emperor: W..
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Brand: Gam'inBiz
Four unknown descendants of the Emperor have deciphered the forgotten legends and called upon the powerful guardian spirits of Oshra. Their ritual unearthed new treasures but also brought greed into the hearts of many. Will the new guardian leaders take over the land, or will the established powers ..
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Brand: Gam'inBiz
During their turn, you assemble your hand, maybe place cards for their effect, and decide if you want to end the round. But do you think you are the one with the most points in hand? You will have to choose: stop the round immediately or give the others an extra turn to try to extend the gap? Is it..
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Brand: Gam'inBiz
A new Galaxy has just been discovered on the borders of the Empire! Commanding your Spaceship, you go explore this new Eldorado, full of treasures and mysteries. Planet after Planet, your discoveries allow you to build up your Crew. Hire Specialists and Robots to benefit from their abilities. Attrac..
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