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Nuts! Publishing

Fitna: The Global War in the Middle East is a two- to six-player grand strategic level card-driven wargame depicting the military confrontations in the Middle East since 2012, up to the near future. Among 10 historical and hypothetical scenarios, players can simulate the war against the Islamic Stat..
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The Depths of Damnation is a 33 card full scale expansion that features a new card type: Lore Cards. These "choose your own story" cards offer an insight into the events and lore of the dungeon and weave a narrative for you to discover game after game...
Ex Tax:11.98€
Heighten your experience with this 9 card cosmetic expansion composed of all Boss cards and the Rewards treasure card with a stunning holographic foil treatment...
Ex Tax:9.92€
"This War Without an Enemy" is a 2-player strategic block wargame, funding for which will be launched on Kickstarter on 21st January 2020. The game centres on the First English Civil War, when the Royalist forces fighting for King Charles I were opposed by the English Parliamentarian troops and thei..
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