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Crowd Games

Brand: Crowd Games
It is the time of the 20th century, a century of skyrocketing technological development, a century of new economic and political relations, a century of two World Wars, a century of revolutions. For the first time in history, the creation of a single world government became possible. You command a s..
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Enigma Beyond Code Enigma Beyond Code
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Brand: Crowd Games
Enigma: Beyond Code is a game of deduction. Victory depends on your ability to understand the motives of other players and locate the cards you need — while keeping others away from the cards they are looking for. Each play takes 5-10 minutes, and it is best to play Enigma: Beyond Code up to three v..
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Brand: Crowd Games
Ganesha is a very light friendly family game. Each turn in Ganesha, you chose whether to place gems on the mandala to score points or to save them in order to score even more points in the future...
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