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Next Move

Brand: Next Move
Players: 2-5Age: 8+Duration: 20 min 5211 is a fast-playing card game with a unique scoring method that rewards clever play! This game has cards 1-6 in five colors. Each player starts with a hand of five cards. Players play two cards face-down, then simultaneously reveal them. They refill their h..
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Brand: Next Move
Players: 2-4Age: 8+Duration: 30-45 min In the Inuit language, "tukilik" is used to define an object that carries a message, and the northern landscapes are densely populated with such objects. The most well known of these are the inukshuk, that is, structures of rough stones traditionally used by I..
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Beez Beez
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Brand: Next Move
Prepare yourself to take flight as a bee! In Beez, players compete to optimize their flight plans to secure nectar for their hive. Be careful of the other bees as you will compete with them over a set of public and private scoring goals. The challenge in planning and storing the nectar will make yo..
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