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Awaken Realms

Brand: Awaken Realms
Etherfields is a narrative, cooperative game for 1 - 4 (5 with the 5th player expansion). A series of unique Dreams await to be discovered through tense exploration and tactical encounters.? Learn about the Dreamers, their forgotten past, and their desperate mission. Uncover the surreal, sprawling ..
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Etherfields - 5th Player Expansion
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Expansion for Etherfields so you can play with 5 people...
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Additional miniatures for the epic game Etherfields...
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Additional miniatures for the epic game Etherfields...
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Funeral Witch is a very mysterious and dark figure, representing, among other things, sadness, pain and regret after a loss. She can be moody, chaotic, temperamental but still seeks solace - at each encounter her behaviour changes completely from the previous one. Will we discover the key to these c..
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Brand: Awaken Realms
The Harpy Campaign adds 30+ hours of game play and exploration and the Harpy miniature....
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Brand: Awaken Realms
The Sphinx is one of the oldest cults and a symbol of wisdom and mystery. Since ancient times, this magnificent creature was a guardian of secret knowledge. In this campaign you will be on a quest to discover a deeply hidden mystery that will bring a revolution to the world ruled under the Sphinx en..
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Flick of Faith
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Gods are powerful and... bored! Make a bet with the others, use your unique powers and gather the most believers in the Archipelago of the Navel of the World. Flick of Faith is a flicking area control game in which players are sending their prophets into the islands by flicks. Make sure people heard..
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Brand: Awaken Realms
ISS Vanguard is a 1-4 player co-operative, campaign Board Game. It will bring players right into epic Sci-Fi adventure, as they will play as 4 sections (security, recon, science, engineering) onboard the first human ship with the possibility to reach outer space. Campaign will introduce the unique s..
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ISS Vanguard - Personnel Files
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Brand: Awaken Realms
Gameplay expansion, adding more character depth to all of the 90 crew members - learn their personal stories as well as unlock "veteran" state after meeting special requirements. The cards offer personal quests for every crew member that may join the ranks of "your" ISS Vanguard crew. These give ad..
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Brand: Awaken Realms
A set of four ornate hard plastic Section Boxes that hold all dice and cards of each Section. They replace the Section Trays built into the game's insert, making it easier for every player to reach and sort their cards and dice. If you'll be sleeving your cards, they'll fit in the boxes as well..
Ex Tax:35.95€
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