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Heidelberger Spieleverlag

Players: 3 to 5Age: 12+Duration: 60 to 120 min In Bushido players take on the roles of Daimyos, feudal lords in medieval Japan, and compete to become the next shogun of the empire, who gets appointed by the emperor. A game of resource management and conflict, the main goal is to earn enough honor, ..
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Players: 2 to 4Age: 8+Duration: 10 min Fast paced simultaneous action card game, somewhere between Speed and Ligretto with a touch of Halli Galli. The graphics are showing famous modern buildings and people from Frankfurt...
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Players: 2-4Age: 10+Duration: 30 min..
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Once upon a time, three big cats became exhausted fighting to be top cat. They agreed to quit the fight and spice up their nine lives with a hot spice eating contest. Alas, everyone was soon cheating, so the cats invented a very hot, often tearful, bluffing game. Spicy is a bluffing card game for 2..
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Everything can be labeled, categorized, sorted by topics, or given a tag. Cities can be big or small, movies can be funny or boring, people can be geeks or politicians…but how good are YOU at tagging the world? In TAGS, you have only 15 seconds to come up with at least one fitting answer. Withstand ..
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WELCOME TO THE ROBOT ACTION! Today we witness the most incredible steel gladiators of this year's Robot Fighting League season in all their glory and magnificence. The battle robots are gathered in the arena, and the crowd is screaming for some laser-blasting action in this title match. The operator..
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