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Blackrock Games

Players: 2 to 4Age: 8+Duration: 30 min In Nuggets (2003), players try to surround the "gold mines" (numbered cylinders) on an 8x5 grid board. On a turn, a player either places a numbered tile face down or places two fence sections on the board; these fences determine the borders of each claim, and ..
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Players: 2 to 4Age: 10+Duration: 30 min In Blackrock City, you are the chief of your group of outlaws, and you want to claim as much gold and silver as possible by attacking cities and stagecoaches. You will have to be clever to estimate the number of outlaws needed to attack – and watch out for th..
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Celestia - Playmat
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Players: 2-6Age: 8+Duration: 30 min Playmat for the game Celestia...
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Players: 2 to 4Age: 8+Duration: 30 min Build the biggest, baddest, best Pirate ship on the high seas. Plunder your way to glory and fame! In Piratoons, each turns begins with a treasure of boat parts and equipment being revealed. All at the same time, each Pirate rushes to allocate crew in an ef..
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Players: 3 to 6Age: 10+Duration: 20 min n the United States, during the 1920s, the Volstead Act forbids the manufacturing and sale of alcohol. Nevertheless, prohibition is going to represent a gold mine for smugglers who dare to challenge the authorities. From the hooligan to the respected politici..
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Every day, dozens of birds have a stop on the fences of our countryside. When it is time to leave, all these birds mix together, unable to organize themselves into flocks to fly home. Help them find their way back to their nest. Players begin each new round of CuBirds with eight bird cards in hand...
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Players: 2-4Age: 10+Duration: 45 min You are a Nomarch in Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh put you in charge of a Metropolis and its region. The flooding of the Nile is coming to an end and the lands of the Valley are ready to offer their riches. Organize the collection of resources, build districts with..
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Haru Ichiban
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Players: 2Age: 8+Duration: 20 min..
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In It’s a Wonderful World, you are an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world. It’s a Wonderful World is a cards drafting a..
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Players: 2-6Age: 8+Duration: 30 min Thanks to the Celestia: A Little Initiative expansion, you can leave the aircraft using the rowboat. With a single space, you'll have to be the quickest to embark, but is traveling alone such a good idea? This is the second expansion set for Celestia. It conta..
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Players: 2-6Age: 10+Duration: 20-60 min With each card played, you gain more information about the loot, or sanctions, that may be yours for the taking in different American cities. Basing upon this information you send out the members of your gang to those cities -- some are pros, some are wannabe..
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Players: 2-6Age: 8+Duration: 30 min A captain never abandons his ship, but he does sometimes require a helping hand... Celestia: A Little Help allows passengers to give the captain a hand, but bluffing and dirty tricks will still show their hand as well!..
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