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Phalanx Games

Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 6Age: 8+Duration: 30 min..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 5Age: 12+Duration: 60 min..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 4Age: 10+Duration: 45 min At the center is the Ziggurat, where you must bring 4 sacrifice tokens to win. But to deliver them, you must have sufficient Mana reserved by praying in temples, which players build. You bring your sacrifices from 4 huts that you build, and you can breed at a..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 5Age: 12+Duration: 150 min In Rise of Empires 2 to 5 players develop their own civilization. Each of them starts out small and weak, but as the game progresses, so do the abilities of each civilization. Rise of Empires is divided into 3 ages. Each age consists of 2 game rounds. In eac..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 4Age: 10+Duration: 90 min In Bison every player is representing a native American Indian tribe. Aim is to settle in an area rich of bison, fish and turkeys. The tribe need bison as food and clothes (leather), they need fish for food and the turkeys and their feathers for rituals and a..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Nanty Narking is a Victorian board game of wit and podsnappery that reintroduces the well-known bestseller of Martin Wallace. Immersed deeply in the world of Dickens's and Doyle's literature, the card events in the game are now tied to real and fictional characters and places in London. More specifi..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
They have set up their empires of trailblazing innovation and groundbreaking technologies on a somewhat unremarkable planet circling around a rather average star. Years of hard work and steadfast dedication to their clear-cut vision of looking further than the day-to-day toils and chores of human ci..
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U Boot
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 1-4Age: 14+Duration: 60 min U-BOOT: The Board Game is a fully cooperative, real-time tabletop game of WW2 submarine warfare, designed by Iron Wolf Studio. It allows 1 to 4 players to assume the roles of the Captain, the First Officer, the Navigator, and the Chief Engineer on board of a typ..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 4Age: 8+Duration: 20 min A short game in which players control a number of penguins. The penguins move over hex-shaped ice tiles with 1, 2 or 3 fish on them. The player takes the hex from where the penguin started his movement from the table, thereby creating a gap which other players..
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Brand: Phalanx Games
Players: 2 to 4Age: 10+Duration: 90 min In the harbor a fleet of commerce ships is waiting to be loaded with goods. Each vessel needs a certain combination of goods. The players take the roles of traders, trying to fill their warehouses with goods which are then in turn transferred to the ships in ..
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