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Bolt action

Bolt Action World War II Wargames Rules (2nd Edition)
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Brand: Warlord Games
Second Edition Core Rulebook for Bolt Action...
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Bolt Action: Info
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Brand: Warlord Games
The product range of the quality designed and easy, fast to play WOII Bolt action is large and not main stream. Therefore Sheepgames is not able to stock the complete product range of Bolt Action, but is able to order it. So if would like to buy of order Bolt Action at Sheepgames, you need to be a l..
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Brand: Warlord Games
The men of the Imperial Japanese Army were excellent soldiers, with extraordinary devotion to their country and their Emperor. Battle-hardened by years of war in Manchuria, the Japanese army was well-disciplined, led by seasoned officers, and watched over by the dreaded Kempei-tei political officers..
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Brand: Warlord Games
Japanese paratroopers – Teishin Shudan (raiding group) – proved highly effective in the early years of the war. German successes with paratroops during 1940 encouraged the Japanese to develop their airborne arm as a constituent part of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF). They were initial..
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Brand: Warlord Games
The Mariana and Palau Islands campaign, also known as Operation Forager, was intended to facilitate the recapture of the Philippines and to provide bases for the bombing of the Japanese mainland. This new Campaign Book for Bolt Action allows players to recreate the fierce battles of Saipan, Peleliu,..
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Brand: Warlord Games
Order Dice for the game Bolt Action, 12 dice...
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