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Two Player

Two Player
Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 45-60 min In a shattered world called the Cradle, players take control of mighty champions as they battle to claim the powerful tears of perished gods. Their goal? To use the godtears to gain immortality...and ultimate power. Godtear is a hex based tabletop skirmis..
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Brand: Galakta
King and Assassins is an asymmetrical fantasy game of strategy and deception for two players. One player controls a vile king and his knightly lackeys who try to force their way into the castle through a mob of wrathful citizens. The other player controls the mob itself and – more importantly – thre..
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Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation
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Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 30 min The Confrontation is a two-player board game in which players take control of the forces of Sauron, seeking to find their master’s ring, or the forces of the free peoples of Middle Earth seeking to destroy Sauron's ring in the fires of Mount Doom. One of the most ..
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Players: 2Age: 12+Duration: 30 to 45 min Lords of War: Orcs versus Dwarves is a dual-deck strategic card game for two-plus players which sees fantasy races engage in dynamic, tactical card battles...
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Brand: Nexus Games
Players: 2Age: 13+Duration: 60 min In the world of the Two Suns, the time of the Great Changing is coming! While mighty armies clash, powerful mages with godlike powers unleash the forces of magic on the battlefield, pursuing their own mysterious goals. Magestorm is the first boardgame in a new lin..
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Players: 2Age: 14+Duration: 60 min Suspended just above a lake of seething magma, this flamescorched arena is ground zero for the most brutal sport ever created—Grind! Here 10-ton, ash-spewing, steam-powered robots called steamjacks fight to move a giant, spiked ball into the other team’s goal. Usi..
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Stronghold - 2nd Edition
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Brand: Portal
Players: 2Age: 10+Duration: 90 min tronghold is a two-player game telling the story of a siege. Players take opposing sides: one has to defend the stronghold, and the other has to break into the castle as soon as possible. The game board represents the stronghold itself as well as the surrounding t..
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Players: 2 to 4 (best with 2)Age: 14+Duration: 45 to 60 min In Hormonde, a strange world deep in the folds of time, the Hour Demons have finally found a hobby worthy of their cruel hearts... the Arena! The idea is simple. They select warriors of all ages and lands and whisk them away to the Hormond..
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