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Two Player

Two Player
1911 Amudsen Vs Scott
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Brand: Looping Games
Players: 2Age: 10+Duration: 20 min In 1911, Roald Amundsen and four companions were the first human beings to stand at the South Pole. Using skis and dog sleds, they beat Robert Falcon Scott's British expedition by just a few weeks. Scott and his men reached the South Pole only to find Amundsen's N..
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Players: 2Age: 13+Duration: 40 min Batman: Arkham City Escape is a two-player game that pits Batman against all of his greatest foes – from The Joker and Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy and The Riddler – as they try to escape Arkham City! In this game, one player represents Batman, and the other play..
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Brand: 999 Games
Players: 2Age: 8+Duration: 30 min Dobbelduel (Dice Duel) is a code-breaking game similar to Mastermind. At the start of the game, one of the players creates a random code by rolling four dice. The other player has to guess this code. He gets seven rounds to gather information. At the start of ea..
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Players: 2 to 5Age: 10+Duration: 60 min In Dungeon Bazar, the player merchants try to earn money by selling equipment — weapons, armor and tools — to heroes who wish to fight against an old dragon in a nearby cave. What the heroes don't know, though, is that the merchants have an agreement with the..
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Brand: Rebel
Players: 2Age: 8+Duration: 20 min In Blossoms (original title Kwiatki), players compete to create the most beautiful flower bouquet. The longer the flowers, the higher they score!..
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Players: 1-4Age: 12+Duration: 120 min Founders of Gloomhaven is a competitive tile-placement, action-selection, city-building game in which each player controls a fantastical race working to build the city of Gloomhaven and gain influence over its residents. This is a standalone game set in the sam..
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Brand: Mayfair Games
Players: 2Age: 7+Duration: 20 min..
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Brand: QWG Games
Players: 2Age: 10+Duration: 30 min According to an old legend, there is a lot of pirate treasure to be find on the island Martinique. Many have tried to find the lost treasure, but until now no one has succeeded. You are captain of a pirate ship and you set sail to Martinique. After you've arrived..
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Brand: Gryphon Games
Players: 2Age: 8+Duration: 20 to 30 min You've entrusted your nine courtiers to deliver a beautiful love letter to Princess Persephone, but your opponent also has nine courtiers delivering an equally moving love letter to the same princess! In each case, eight letters are decoys and only the letter..
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Brand: 999 Games
Players: 2Age: 12+Duration: 15 min Politics is always a risky business, but in the Wild West, where even the smallest slight could call for blood, being a politician was a particularly dangerous career choice. In Outlaws: Last Man Standing, you take on the role of a Governor in the Far West seek..
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Brand: Matagot
Players: 2Age: 8+Duration: 28 min Princess Jing is a game of bluffing for two players or two groups of players. A palace can quickly become a maze for an escaping princess, where each mirror can either reveal a way out, or conceal a trap! It is up to her to use them at her advantage, before her ..
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Despite earlier attempts, Martin Luther started the Reformation in 1517 with his "Ninety-Five Theses". Luther criticized the selling of indulgences and stated that the Catholic doctrine of the merits of the saints had no foundation in the gospel. The "Protestants" soon incorporated doctrinal changes..
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