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Players: 2 to 6Age: 13+Duration: 120 min Take your Age of Steam experience to the next dimension! Age of Steam: Time Traveler Expansion comes with several new maps that represent not only different locations, but also different times as well, and adds an exciting twist as players travel from one ma..
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Brand: Galakta
Players: 2-4Age: 14+Duration: 90 min Age of Thieves is a fantasy board game of strategy and adventure set in Hadria, a port metropolis located on the northern fringes of a mighty Empire. Each player becomes a master thief about to commit the most daring burglary of his career. During the game playe..
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Players: 2Age: 12+Duration: 15 min In Agent Hunter, two players act as rival agents attempting to eliminate their opponent's safe houses, which are represented by face-down cards; the cards range in value from 0 to 9. The closer you get to uncovering your target, however, the more you risk compromi..
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Players: 2-4Age: 12+Duration: 30 min/player Agra, India: The year is 1572; this year marks the 30th birthday of Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad, popularly known as Akbar the Great. Akbar is the third ruler of India's Mughal dynasty, having succeeded his father, Humayun. With the guidance of his re..
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Brand: CMON
Players: 3-4Age: 14+Duration: 90 min airship city is a heavier game from Japanese doujin publisher analog lunchbox. Electing to make a new home among the clouds, humankind has assembled a variety of airships to provide utilities, thereby creating "airship city". As airship engineers, you gather ..
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Brand: Iello
Players: 2-5Age: 7+Duration: 20 min The sorcerer has sent you, a street urchin like Aladdin, into a cave to look for a magic lamp that lets you call upon a genie's favors. However, the cave also encloses fabulous treasures sorted into three chests. If you're not too greedy, this could be your chanc..
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Brand: Quined Games
Players: 2 to 5Age: 12+Duration: 90 min Early Italy, 600 BCE – Five city states are vying each other for superiority in the region: Roma with their Roman inhabitants, Velletri with the Volscian inhabitants, Reate with their Sabin inhabitants, Veii with their Etruscian inhabitants, and Alba Longa wi..
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Brand: Aviary Games
Players: 2 to 5Age: 14+Duration: 30 to 45 min This expansion for Alchemy! introduces new rules that can be included in the base game. In addition to 21 new potions the contents of this box allows you to play Alchemy! as a famous alchemist each with their own unique ability or in a new location with..
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Players: 2-4Age: 14+Duration: 60 min Fire! The Great Library, the world's most complete archive of knowledge and wisdom is on fire! As books and relics are consumed by the flames, you must make a choice over what to save - some artifacts are more valuable to you than others, and your fellow hero..
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Players: 1-8Age: 8+Duration: 20 min Mini Expansion for Alexandria...
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Brand: Queen Games
Players: 2 to 6Age: 8+Duration: 45 to 60 min Collect your favourite places from 54 specially designed theme-cards. A great game for the whole family. The player owning the most building cards of a certain type at the right moment - this is at the moment of scoring - gains varying number of points, ..
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Brand: Asmodee
Players: 2 to 4Age: 4+Duration: 10 min The saddle-stacking game with the moody mule. Put on the shovel, balance the bottle. If it's too heavy, the mule will kick. See how much he can carry. You never know when he'll snap and send everything flying. Also available as Ali Baba with a camel...
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