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This is me, Mieke, in my showroom and with my two daughters, Lotte and Amber, and my boyfriend Kristof during one of our many gaming sessions. It was Kristof who introduced me to modern boardgaming. It all started a few years ago when Kristof received a Settlers of Catan for his 20th birthday. After playing games like Monopoly and Scrabble, this was refreshing. In no time we played other games, and after a few other purchases, such as La Citta and Samurai we were hooked. Meanwhile, our own collection has become relatively large, large enough for every evening something different. Moreover, our faces are seen frequently in our local gaming club: HQ Gaming Club.

A couple of years ago (august 2009), we went a step further, as we tried to let our passion become a small business. Sheepgames was born and still grows. Starting with selling a couple of board games, the business now sells a hugh variety of board and card games, CGG, miniatures,... and we hope to to offer you more great games in future. Have fun with them and play all those games with family or friends, at home or in a local gaming club. Long live board games!!